Friends of Powell Corderoy School

Welcome to the Friends of Powell Corderoy School (FOPCS)!


Who are “The Friends”?

We are Powell Corderoy’s PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and our motto is “… a helping hand for our school…”. We organise various events across the school year to raise money for the extras – both big (such as the fabulous climbing frames and IT equipment) and small (multi-user CD players and magazine subscriptions for the library) – that would otherwise be beyond the school’s ever reducing budget. All our children, from Reception through to Year 6, benefit from the funds that we raise.

We meet a couple of times a term, always over tea and biscuits (sometimes wine), often with representatives from the school staff to discuss ways we can help the school.

Amazing Achievements

We are delighted to report that (with one ice pop sale remaining) the total for the year is an amazing £10,263.02. Many purchases have been made possible by this fundraising. The school have already bought a video camera and equipment (courtesy of Kuoni). Money is committed t buy a new sound system, playground equipment, projector, and laptop, headphones, the leaver’s hoodies, a contribution towards the bicentennial mosaic and the activities for the beach trip.

What do “The Friends” do?

We support Powell Corderoy by holding a variety of events through the year, the highlights are the Christmas and Summer Fairs but the cakes sales, Easter egg hunts and discos are extremely popular with children, parents & staff alike!

The events are fun and give a chance for everyone to support the school community by encouraging children and their families to socialise and take part in school life.

We also run a Friends of Powell Corderoy 200 Club with a cash prize of up to £100 a month.

How can you help?

We’re not just for Mums!  We hope to encourage all friends and family to get involved.

All the members of the committee voluntarily give their time to support the school.  We understand everyone has busy lives and we are grateful of all help and contributions, whether in manning a stall, running an Easter egg hunt, sourcing raffle prizes or making teas or cakes!

It is great fun and very rewarding to be involved in our children’s school, to be able to make a real difference to the opportunities open to them and to be able to be part of events that they will remember for a long time.

Dates of Friends meetings are published in Headlines & also appear on the blackboard in the Infants’ Playground so do come along to a meeting and find out more. We’d love to hear from you.

Next meetings:

8th November at 7.30pm