Meeting Minutes 02.11.15


Mr Tree, Harry and Stacey (Year 1),Max and Lucy (Year 2), Sophie and Max (Year 3), Leona and Evan (Year 4), Noah and Alisha (Year 5),  Hannah and Jack (Year 6)


  • Mr Tree welcomed new Year 1 School Councillors Harry and Stacey, all other school councillors introduced themselves to them
  • Discos – Friends of Powell Corderoy asked the School Council what they thought about discos. The children were overwhelmingly positive.

Jack said ‘tickets are sold for a good price’

Evan said ‘its great for people who like it and you don’t have to go’

Alisha said ‘it’s good value for money’

  • Friends of Powell Cordeory have asked the school council for ideas on how to spend their money. Max suggested play equipment for the playground; Evan said books for the library such as Mr Gom and Dork Diaries. Another popular idea was new cameras as there are very few in the school.
  • Sustrans Survey – the school has been asked to fill in a survey about how children travel to school. The School Councillors looked at the questions and will ask their classes in the following week.
  • The School Council discussed ideas for their annual game at the Christmas Fair. Ideas so far –

Alisha suggested throw the toy in the hoop, Hannah suggested a tunnel of clothes where you find a prize, Alisha and Evan suggested ‘Splay the Teacher’.

Actions for next meeting

  • Photos of Max and Stacey to be placed on website
  • Sustrans survey to take place in each class
  • Children to consider ideas for games at the Christmas Fair

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