Meeting Minutes 29.9.15


Mr Tree, Max and Lucy (Year 2), Sophie (Year 3), Leona and Evan (Year 4), Noah (Year 5)


  • Mr Tree shared the school website so the councillors could see where to access School Council information and minutes from meetings.


  • Following suggestions in last year’s School Council Meetings, Mr Tree suggested that The School Council might like a mascot or slogan.

The School Council agreed that every child in KS2 would draw a possible mascot with a name and suggest possible slogans.

Examples of mascots were: Simon the School Council Squirrel, Leo the Lion of the Learning, Democracy Dan

Examples of slogans were: Learning for life, Delightful Democracy, The Fairness Force

Mr Tree shared the suggestions for the name of a new after-school Library club

  • Bookworm Buddies
  • Ready Steady Readers
  • Quiet Corner Club
  • Spine Tingling Stories
  • Break into a Book Time
  • Big Reader Little Reader
  • Stop at the Imagination Station
  • Once upon a time club
  • Happily ever after club
  • Page Turners

School Council voted for Stop at the Imagination Station


Actions for next meeting

  • School Council to share website with classes
  • Mr Tree to speak to teachers and all classes given paper squares for Mascot suggestions

Prize to be given to Mrs Hutchison for suggesting Stop at the Imagination Statio

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