Meeting Minutes 22.9.15


Mr Tree, Sophie and Max (Year 3), Leona and Evan (Year 4), Alisha and Noah (Year 5), Hannah and Jack (Year 6)


Mr Tree introduced the meeting.

Mr Tree shared the school website so the councillors could see where to access School Council information, although not all information and minutes have so far been uploaded.

Discussed three key questions

  • What would you do if you have a problem at school?
  • What are you proud of about school?
  • What are the values and mission statement of Powell Corderoy?


  • Lunchtime supervisors, worry box, PSHCE and circle time sessions, friends, teachers
  • Lessons, POW magazine, The School Council, the kitchen, the library
  • Confident in current value – Hope and discussed other values

Hannah (Yr5) confident in mission statement – A school of excellence and happiness in the heart of the community.

School Council discussed where to find mission statement and meaning

School Council badges given to children

Actions for next meeting

  • School Council to meet Leadership Review Team
  • Website to be updated to include School Council homepage and minutes from meeting

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