Meeting Minutes 14.9.15


Mr Tree, Lucy and Max (Year 2), Sophie and Max (Year 3), Leona and Evan (Year 4), Alisha and Noah (Year 5), Hannah and Jack (Year 6)


Mr Tree introduced the meeting; councillors introduced themselves and talked about the role of the School Council.

Mr Tree then explained to the SC that Mrs Mclaughlin and the kitchen staff would like them to choose which special events/meals we should have this year.

Following a vote, the following were decided:

  • Children in Need lunch
  • Christmas dinner
  • Shrove Tuesday
  • St George’s Day
  • Pizza Picnic.

Mr Tree then explained that information about the School Council will be uploaded on to the school website, including minutes from the meetings which School Councillors should then look at with their class.

Actions for next meeting

Mr Tree to share menu choices with Mrs Mclaughlin and kitchen

Website to be updated to include School Council homepage and minutes from meeting

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