May Festival in the 50’s


Some lovely memories came flooding back when I opened the Dorking Advertiser this morning and saw the photo with the caption of Six Decades Ago.  I was one of the flower girls in the photo.  As my mother reminded me this morning, sitting up straight and not showing my knickers, as told not to by her that morning.

Mum has photo’s of several May Festivals as both my older sister Dianne and I attended the school. I have photo’s of the netball team.  I will look them out and send them to you.

I can clearly remember the excitement of preparing for them.  We all used to bring in flowers from our gardens to make the head dresses, posies and cover the poles that were carried.  I must have had ten years of  May festivals, being taken as a baby to see Dianne and then taking part myself.

It was a very happy school and I loved my time there.  I wanted to go so much that from the age of three I used to take milk and biscuits from home which was just around the corner in Vincent Road at 11am and sit and look under the gate at everyone at playtime wishing I were with them!

I am still in contact with a few ex Powell girls.  I will let them know that it is the 200th next year.

I am sure that they will be as interested as I am.

If I can help in any way, please let me know.  I am sure that Dianne will too.

Kind regards,

Judy Lusted (nee Roser)

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